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Raphael Shapiro, MD
  • 2 Ultrasound Machines – 1 for the Kailahun Government Hospital & 1 for the MOH clinic.

Donors - $20,000 - $29,999

Sarah Vernam/Gates Foundation

Gina Rodriguez

Joseph and Clare LoCicero

Donors - $10,000 - $19,999

Alan Miller Foundation

Risa Gold MD

Jodie Shorin Hirsch

The New Hope Foundation

James Stetson Boal & Mark Solomon Boal Scholarship Fund

Joseph LoCicero Jr. & Gina Rodriquez Scholarship Fund

Clare & Joseph LoCicero Scholarship Fund

Chris Mohr and Matt Guerreirro Foundation

Donors - $5,000 - $9,999

Charitable Gift Fund of Emily T. Allen, Lisa P. Allen, and F. Towne Allen

The Becker Family

The Bennardo Family

Jack and Kathryn DiMaio

Phillip Heinegg

Jane Martin

Vincent & Tricia Mallardi 

Rosita Miranda

Scott O’Dierno 

Debra Thompson

Patti and Ken Vernam

Lisa Blue Langer, PHD

Donors - $1,000 - $4,999

Donna Aboff

Myron L. Belfer

Jay and Kirsten Benjamin

Annie Bostanian

Holiday Ryals

Mark Boal

George Cogan and Fannie Allen

Simone Dubow

Eric and Lily Engelhardt

Sarah Cogan and Doug Evans

Debbie and Jeff Feinstein Foundation

Lillian Firestone

Sean Fogel

Cathy Friedman, MD

Debroah Gutoff Gault

Jonathan Goldstein

Maryanne Gross

Jeff Hall

Jon Hess

The Fredd and Marjorie Isaksen Family Foundation

Frank Kapowitz

Jodie and Steven Lerner

Drs. Nancy Lippman and Ron Israeli

Stephen Lipsig

Erica Mann

Victoria Middleton

The Odierno Law Firm

Monica Parente

Scott Paternoster

Briony Raymond

Shalini Schetty

Dan & Patricia Schoeffler

Julie Sakellariadis

Richard Stein

Dr. Iris Vardy